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Store manager

Bakery managers will oversee all bakery operations to ensure the bakery functions smoothly. They oversee employees, monitor and restock item inventory, and implement the bakery’s safety and quality standards. They ensure that the store activities and customer service are in line with our values of quality and customer satisfaction.

They must have good leadership skills, team player mentality, high physical energy, excellent interpersonal skills, and a passion for the bakery business.


Assistant Store manager

Support the store manager with their everyday tasks surrounding the operations of the bakery. Collaborate with associates and motivate them to provide excellent customer service. Create an outstanding customer experience and environment that encourages customers to return. Monitor all baked items and activities to ensure compliance to quality standards.

Like the store managers, they must work well with others, work for extended periods of time, and be passionate about the bakery business.


Front-End Sales Associate

The sales associate is responsible for handling cash and credit transactions. Sales associate will assist in the setup and clean up of the store front, and will regularly stock the shelves of bakery products. Sales associate will provide customer service and address inquiries in-store and by answering phone calls.

We look for cashiers who are friendly, fun, energetic, with good interpersonal skills and a passion for customer service!


The barista will prepare the coffee and other drinks included in the menu.

The barista should be familiar with the menu and coffees and answer customer questions as well as make recommendations. The barista should have working knowledge about espresso machines, espresso, and coffee brewing techniques.

Pastry chef

The pastry chef will work with their assistants to product cakes, breads, and other pastry/dessert components. The pastry chef will produce pastries that are within company standard, enforce food safety standards, and maintain consistent quality. The pastry chef will produce pastries as specified by the recipe, and can propose recommendations for new or modified recipes.

Pastry chefs should have an excellent eye for taste and smell, time management, and leadership skills. They must be adaptable and willing to adjust to the baking processes. They also must be detail-oriented so that they can effectively enforce quality and detect safety hazards.

Pastry assistant

The pastry assistant will work alongside a pasty chef and facilitate the pastry chef’s operations.

Pastry assistants must be good team member who can work well with others. They must be versatile and able to quickly learn the work processes of their pastry chefs.

Day/night shift baker

Shift baker will regularly attend their specified shift times.

They must be to stand, walk, and carry for several hours. They must be punctual, showing up to shifts on time. They must be good team members with good communication skills in order to work effectively with management, other bakers and pastry chefs.

Line cook

Line cooks will be in charge of preparing ingredients and creating dishes based on the recipes of menu items.

Line cooks can be both experienced and new. We look for line cooks with a dedicated passion for cooking and a willingness to learn the cooking methods and processes. They must be fast learners who can quickly and efficiently execute operations in the kitchen as well as adapt to changes in the menus and processes.