We are an artisan bakery driven by a fascination for pastries and cafes. We specialize in a wide variety of croissant and viennoiserie items, all of which are baked fresh daily. We will also serve coffee and espresso made from specialty coffee beans, which are fair trade coffee beans from a local roaster. Quality of our baked goods is our top priority, and we pay careful attention to all steps of our baking process, which only uses simple and natural ingredients. After all, we understand the great satisfaction that comes with enjoying a warm pastry baked fresh and with care. Our goal is to fascinate our customers with unforgettable quality and experience.



About Our Croissants

We also have an 8 thousand square feet baking studio equipped with specialty machines designed for the production of our baked goods. Our croissants are made in a temperature-controlled room that allows us to perfect our lamination process, resulting in the best croissants with beautiful layers and a crumbly crust.

The cleanliness of our location and the machinery are a source of pride we continually maintain. It is in our baking studio that the greatest works of croissant viennoiserie and artisan bread are born.